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The Jessamyn Shows
The Jessamyn Shows
The Jessamyn Shows presented by Empress Evolution. Join us as we get to speak with some of the world's most inspirational, knowledgeable, and loving fellow humans who are assisting humanity to heal, grow, and align with their soul purpose so they can truly shine their divine light in this beautiful world.

Spirit World Series
A goldmine of major league healers, gurus, and lightworkers sharing their journeys, insights, and love for the world and it's ascension. 
Mouthwatering Manly Men Series 
Conversations with Divine Masculine Mentors that are helping to heal, inspire, and elevate our consciousness.

Interview with Ace Akimbo is a former U.S. Army Captain & Iraq & Afghanistan veteran. His passions are practical spirituality & personal psychology.

His practical spirituality is based on the Christ Consciousness (a state of mind where a soul accepts that it is one with all parts of God) & the Buddha Consciousness (a state of mind where a soul is at perfect peace with its current state of reality). His personal psychology is the annihilation of F.E.A.R (False Evidence Appearing Real) by taking the path of being a Warrior & Healer unto himself.

Ace’s purpose is to bring restoration & empowerment to veterans, first responders, medical practitioners, & children who suffer from PTSD.

He is also the first male coach for Amelia Love's Happiness Program, a part of @EmpressEvolution1111.

Interview with guest Taylor Ann Divine who is here to awaken the lions, survivor of mind control and New Age Cults. Special Guest June D'Silva joins this episode.

Please follow her on Instagram @tayloranndivine, her Patreon will be launching in the next few weeks which will give patrons access to her uncensored content.

From Taylor Ann Divine:
This is my personal prayer for deliverance below. Please do not say any parts of this prater that do not resonate with your current timeline. For example, if you do not intend to dedicate your body to Christ, I would never suggest using such wordage in your own declaration. PRAYERS ARE CONTRACTS. They invoke KARMA. This is why I suggest making your OWN.

I first call upon God, my Eternal Source, and the living body of Christ: “Any vampiric or dark leaching demonics, including all hierarchies of and under satan, black Lilith, and any and all fallen angelic are hereby notified of their eviction from my body, mind, and spiritual bodies with the power and authority of God in Christ’s name. I use the free will given to me by Cosmic Sovereign law through my Eternal living creator to detach my energies from any and all of the above dark spirits and all of their programs, reversals, timelines, lies, dark magic, residues, and contract that are consciously or unconsciously running or siphoning from my fields. I hear-by revoke and remove them from all of my body, mind, and essences forwards and backwards across every density, dimension, and existence and ask God through the name and authority of Christ to permanently release me from all bondage. I CHOOSE sovereignty and for the power of the Holy Spirit to inhabit my body, core, identity, and to make my temple a permanent resident dedicated to Christ. I choose organic whole life, and to move into the pure timeline intended for my highest embodiment and connection back to Divinity at which pace I know will be determined by the will of God. I open my heart and desire to live in unison with Christ and with my Eternal Living Source Creator, now and until my return home.”
Interview with guest Oto Gomes who is a Crypto Consciousness Mentor, DayTrader and "Gamification of Abundance Teacher".

After 10+ years preparing individual and corporate tax returns, Oto left the industrial complex and began his journey in pursuit of financial sovereignty within the Crypto space. Going against every advice from those around him, he followed his gut and became a self-made millionaire within 3 years of that journey. He now teaches others to pursue their own financial freedom by combining the “gamification of abundance” mindset as well as the practical opportunities found within the blockchain industry. Awareness is KEY!

Course Sign Up:
Instagram: @otogomes
Interview with guest Lucy Davis who is an Intuitive Transformation Coach, a phenomenal international speaker and the founder of Lucy's Self-Love Club community.

Since leaving her high flying Corporate career in the City of London, she has been on what she calls her “soul mission”. That mission is to guide the human race from living in their head, to living in their divine heart space.

Lucy Davis is on a mission to inspire you to step out of your head and in to your heart space to remember exactly why you are here and what your mission is this lifetime.

Link to the video we discussed: Guatemala Journey
Instagram: @lucydavis2222
Interview with guest Paul Boys, UK based (Manchester) Ex-military 12 years front line touring all over the world. Paul currently is a self proclaimed freedom fighter. Paul is qualified as a Strength coach, nutritionist, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master to name a few. Paul plans to make his way into a leadership role so that he can help bring light into this dark world within the governmental system. 

Paul has started a movement called Rise Up, this has now gathered some serious momentum with thousands of people attending the rallies, people coming together to unite for democracy, freedom and justice.

Paul also has in-depth knowledge of the occult, secret societies and sacred knowledge. Paul has been working against the dark forces for several years and has also been working with the ley-lines of the earth for many years. He is here by the grace of God to help defeat evil and he has an army with him.

Instagram: @paulboys_private
Owner of Next Level Personal Training:

Interview with guest Rising Phoenix AuroRa. AuroRa is a Galactic Historian, founder of A.U.R.A Hypnosis Healing, author, Spiritual Revolutionist, channel to RA and Akashic Reader.

AuroRa is the author of “Galactic Soul History of The Universe”. She is a Quantum Alchemist who works with the energies of the Collective of Hearts in creation. These very energies and the Angelic's assisted her in creating “A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing” past life regression technique that surpassed what we thought was not possible through the Theta brainwave of the Quantum World. Removing entities, implants, A.I., and Reptilian Consciousnesses within people. By removing the artificial within, it then allows the soul and DNA to self heal and repair itself. Becoming sovereign beings that learn to walk in-between worlds of the A.I. Inverted Matrix, entering into our true organic Matrix timelines.

Interview with guest Kevin Walton, Spiritual Guide, Transformation Specialist, and Activational Speaker. Kevin is a writer, successful working actor, artist and musician, and producer. He is also the founder of the Light Beings Ministry, Light Beings Community, and a Leader and Pillar Facilitator in the Sacred Sons Men’s Organization and Movement. 

Instagram: @sourceradiance
dōTERRA Wellness Advocate:
Interview with guest Dr. Sharnael Wolverton Sehon, Swiftfire International author, naturopathic doctor and conference speaker specializes in igniting all to TRUTH and TRUE wholeness path mind, body and Spirit. Dr. Sharnael has done this through speaking  in over 44 countries , writing 5 books including “The Science of Miracles”, producing her Crystal Oils and Decree Deck and using online classes, social media and Swiftfire TrueTv

Twitter: @drsharnael
Instagram: @Drsharnael
Interview with David Nino Rodriguez, American Heavyweight Contender & Champion boxer, Author of "When The Lights Go Out" and speaker for non-profit organization "Lucid Love” .

Interview with guest Amelia Love, Contemporary Spiritual Master and founder of Empress Evolution.

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