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Finding your Soul Mate
By Cyrus Ryan

Posted by Empress Evolution on January 20, 2021
The search or longing to find one’s SOUL MATE is an inherent desire that usually awakens in a seeker who has begun the spiritual quest for self-knowledge. When we have been struggling on the Path, studying various teachings, the urge to find someone who will share and walk the same path with us is a natural urge. Many of us have some vision or a subconscious image of what our SOUL MATE should be like. But what in fact is the real meaning of SOUL MATE or TWIN SOUL?

To reach a deeper understanding of SOUL MATE it is necessary to acknowledge certain facts;

1) We have lived many lives before this one.
2) We have been both male and female many times in past lives.

Next we have to gain some understanding of what ‘soul’ is and the relationship of the ‘Soul on its own plane’ and the ‘soul in-incarnation’. They are not the same. The Soul is the vehicle for the ‘spirit’ and the physical body is the vehicle for the Soul. Many people have a wrong conception and believe that ‘spirit’ descends all the way down to the physical body. It doesn’t! Spirit is an expression of the “One Life and Light” of the Logos. Spirit is not individualized. There is only ONE spirit or ATMA. When ‘spirit’ descends from its source it differentiates and becomes ‘jiva atma’ or an individualized soul on the higher ‘mental plane (see attached diagram). From the diagram ‘spirit’ descends from the ‘OM’ which is like a ray of Light and Life from the Logos. As it descends this ray passes through denser matter that makes up the different planes of existence in our world. This ray of light and life becomes separated or distinct from its source. Just as you have earth, water, fire, and air from a physical stand point these aspects of existence have their subtle counter parts as planes of existence. Earth represents the physical plane, water the astral plane, fire the mental plane, and air the akashic plane. Our Soul which is the source of our physical plane existence has its place on the higher mental plane.

From the body of the Soul on the higher mental plane for each incarnation a small portion of itself descends down through the lower mental, astral, to the physical plane and a body is created as its vehicle. The Soul then becomes the ‘soul in-incarnation’ our ‘inner self’ or ‘Essential Nature’. You can see this pure Essential Nature when you watch a baby as it smiles and looks around with big wide eyes. As the child grows a personality is formed based on the family, society, peer groups, and past subconscious memories. The personality masks the Essential Nature, it becomes hidden or goes to sleep. In the diagram the Essential Nature is represented by the five pointed star in the pentagram. At death it is this Essential Nature, your true self in-incarnation that withdraws leaving the body empty to decompose. This occurs in each life. When the Essential Nature withdraws it takes with it memories of the life just lived and saves them, so to speak, in the Soul memory in the body of the Soul in the permanent atoms. This happens in each life so the memories of all past lives are maintained in the permanent atoms in the body of the Soul on its own plane. The permanent atoms in the body of the Soul on the higher mental plane act in a similar fashion that a hard disk drive does in a computer storing information.

When an individual begins to search for the path it is because the Essential Nature is stirring, calling us. Many times this occurs because we find that the day-to-day life we live is very mechanical, repetitive, and lonely where we’re not truly happy, just going through the motions of our stressful daily lives without true fulfilment. It is at such a time that the urge to find a Soul Mate awakens. We want a spiritual other, one who is sensitive to the greater issues in life and can love us and support us on our spiritual quest.

What is a SOUL MATE? Looking at the diagram you can see both the circles that represent past lives and those that represent future lives in the dotted lines. We have lived many, many past lives that go into the distant past. Just as we are living this life, in all those past lives we have had numerous close friends, husbands, wives, and children. There may have been hundreds! From this possibility let’s assume that from all these relationships a few developed that were repeated in not just one life but many. Close bonds of love bring souls together. Of these relationships and loves one or two might stand out where the relationship was more than a personality relationship. A strong bond of love, not a personality love based on passion, but a love that reached the soul. Such a love based on helping each on towards a greater self-understanding leading to the path. Love is eternal and does not die with the physical body. Such relationships exist but we do not always recognize the one who has incarnated at the same time as us for the purpose of helping us evolve spiritually. If one is more evolved than the other the strain of the higher vibration can appear to be too much, causing one to back away from the relationship. This gives you something to think about. Remember, when love finds you worthy it will seek you out.

Add to all this, the Soul on the higher mental plane lives with a community of Souls. This community of Souls evolves over great periods of time together. Your SOUL MATE is in your group of souls you have been evolving with over millennia. “For the purpose of gaining the state of perfection essential to each unit, every member of every group incarnates again and again. But since each has a measure of free will, some obviously go forward slowly, some more rapidly. However, the point to be remembered is that until every member has reached a certain stage of development the group, as such, cannot do the work intended for it. You will see, therefore, how grave is the responsibility that rests upon everyone to develop them as rapidly as possible so as not to interfere with the particular portion of the Plan in which his group is training to play its part. The preliminary steps are, of course, the understanding and control of the personality. Then follows the uniting of the lower to the higher Self, which results in contact with the group. The conscious union between all members of the group both in and out of the body is the next achievement”. (pgs. 162-3 Wheel of Rebirth)

So finding your SOUL MATE and recognizing it is a very important step on the Path. Therefore spiritual groups are slowly developing all over the world as mankind makes progress on the path. Group work is very important as it can help to accelerate one’s spiritual progress. Working with the group you belong to is not always easy but through perseverance, it will prove very fulfilling. When the outer shell of the personality is overcome and the Essential Nature becomes the dominant characteristic in the group effort, now group unity and the experience of real love between group members will exist on the physical plane. Then you will have found your true SOUL MATES.


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